Have these items ready before you begin. 

1)  A technology that you would like to work with selected from the IP portfolio: http://ip.innovatetexastech.com/

2)  The names of your team members (if you have a team)

3)  A link to your resume or a copy of the text from your resume

4)  One reference (name and phone number)
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If not, go there now and choose a technology that you would like to work with: http://ip.innovatetexastech.com/.
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Tell us about your life as an entrepreneur.

What two prior experiences can you draw on, that will help you be successful in launching a new company?


Have you started a business or worked with a team to develop a product? Tell us about it, or and entrepreneurial-like experience you've had.

What skills do you possess that would be valuable to a start-up?

Tell us about some areas of your life or skill sets that you'd like to sharpen.

Student Section

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